Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fosselman's Ice Cream-- Diggity-dank-jizzmania

So, how to describe Fosselman's Ice Cream Co. than good, blissful, or heavenly? "Diggity-dank-jizzmania," is a term my friend E.J. used when trying their exotic lychee flavor. Hmm, yes! Fosselman's ice cream is diggity-dank-jizzmania after all! 

Ice cream is difficult to describe because the differences between brands can be subtle. Additionally, people rarely have bad experiences, although once I had some random specialty ice cream from Rite Aid that compared to toothpaste. I suspect they combined all the lingering leftovers into a blend of crap-- but I digress. Certainly there is no toothpaste flavor among their 48+ choices at Fosselman's, as their creamy handmade ice cream has been a local favorite since 1919.

Fosselman's is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with a charming interior old-school decor that has a wide variety of special and seasonal flavors. It's a place where people can have old-fashioned fun merely sitting around with the sounds of chatter and laughter buzzing around. Smiles can be seen from every table and even from those eagerly waiting for the chance to order the tasteful substance that seems to bring everyone together. And by everyone, I mean everyone.

Fossleman's brings together a diverse customer base; not only ethnically diverse, but also diverse in age. From children that have the ice-cream parlor going experience as the high points of their young life, to several grown working men happily loitering indoors with cone and ice cream in hand at the end of a busy week. Fosselman's has a special characteristic that unites generations together. Or it could just be the ice cream that does the trick.

This has to the busiest ice cream shop on a Friday night since the queue was out nearly out the door. By the time it was my turn to order, I could not decide because of the large selection of choices such as Taro, Horchata, Green Tea, Macapuno, Spumoni, and many, many other uncommon flavors. The server was uncertain the most popular item after trying to probe him with questions, so after trying several samples, I decided on single scoop of Fresh Peach ice cream with a sugar cone which happens to be one of the unique seasonal flavors

The portions were quite generous for $2.50. It was light, creamy, and of course peachy! It was not overwhelming sweet with a subtle tart aftertaste. It had a very smooth texture that was not fluffy or thick. The Fresh Peach, like most of the other flavors at Fosselman's, does not leave thick phlegm in the back of your throat as it somehow retains the right balance. One scoop of ice cream and the company of old friends were perfect for a warm summer night. It was, should I say, diggity-dank-jizzmania? 

Fosselman's has other options such as sundaes, floats, sherbets, sorbets, frozen yogurt, and even ice cream cakes! I've heard good things about them all, and some day I will give them a try. If one wants to avoid the terrors of their small parking lot, their homemade ice cream in pints or gallon tubs to enjoy in the comfort of home, which is actually what my sister does sometimes. 

Fosselman's Ice Cream Co., diggity-dank-jizzmania indeed. 

It's worth a trip.

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