Friday, July 9, 2010

Denny's?-- Pancake Puppies Sundae

Why write about Denny's? The thought of writing about Denny's was almost unimaginable since it's such a common place, especially considering not visiting Denny's in the past two and half years. Yet the $2 dollar Pancake Puppies Sundae deal is too dang good not to mention.

It is essentially a scoop of creamy Denny's vanilla ice cream with three deep fried egg-shaped balls of goodness topped with thick chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Kind of curious to what the "puppies" were, it was to my relief that they were not really puppies! Phew. Instead, they were surprisingly warm and fluffy with a cake-like texture on the inside with a sugary coating and a subtle crunchiness outside. The melted ice cream served as a nice milky dip, but the chocolate syrup was a little too much for my liking. In any case, the puppies were a nostalgic reminder of these fresh homemade donuts I once had in Palau Aur, Malaysia. 

Aside from getting two of the food groups, this 450-calorie dessert is certainly unhealthy. Still, for $2 dollars, it is difficult for most not to indulge. 

It's worth a trip.

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  1. sounds pretty darn good to me!! I could use one right now!
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