Monday, August 16, 2010

No Cove Like Alcove, Café

Alcove Café and Bakery is a neighborhood treasure in Los Feliz with its lush green, very serene, and quaint environment with a comforting charm. With its colorful presentation, there’s no wonder why it seems that there is a never ending line of people piling in.

It’s never too late for a Saturday morning brunch, even at 3pm on a sunny afternoon at Alcove Café, one will have a difficult time finding a vacant table. I can’t imagine what my experience would have been if I arrived earlier. Actually, I probably could, and this review might not have been as positive. Fortunately for my party and I, people were just started to clear out.

While standing in line with a menu in hand, I was overwhelmed with the choices because all the items sounded appetizing. In addition, one can’t help to notice the tantalizing desserts and pastries in front, further vexing my choice of food. After ordering, I placed my order number on a table I found outside and waited while boisteriously chatting and laughing with my fellow Grub Club members.Yes, simply sitting at Alcove Café might have that effect on people. 

I eventually decided on smoked salmon with eggs because it’s not a common brunch item. Salmon was really well done; not overly salty, smoked to a pink perfection. The eggs were poached; I thought it was sour cream at first glance. It all sat on a layer of crispy hash browns. The vivid fruit cup and other garnishing added an appeal would cause salvation at any angle. The only flaw was that it was $12.95, ouch-- do wallets cry? A bit pricey for a breakfast, yet definitely delicious and worth the ambiance. I recommend it, especially if you like smoked salmon. Thankfully they were large portions.

Also tried the Fruit and Nutella Crepe that had bananas and colorful mixed berries. Topped with powered sugar, the crepes were soft and fluffy that glistened with fruit syrup. Yet, regardless of how amazing it looks,  it was oversickingly sweet and too rich because it was overstuffed with Nutella. However if that's what you like, then it might float your boat, which by the way, costs $11.95 to float. 

Parking is a bit inconvenient but I found street parking. Valet is also available in the rear parking area. It's location is near Griffith Observatory which one should visit if they have never been there before. It's a great place to walk around and burn off the consumed Alcove calories. 

Beautiful in every way, Alcove Café is a fantastic place to eat, socialize, and eat, even if it rains. 

1929 Hillhurst Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90027

It's worth a trip, trust.
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  1. I've been on a hiatus, but I hope everyone still knows I am alive. Enjoy! Next is Roscoes Chicken and Waffles in Pasadena.


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