Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grilled Cheese Truck-- More than Cheese and Bread

Some friends invited me to hunt for the Grilled Cheese Truck a few months ago. I declined thinking, “How good could that really be? That can be made that at home.” Somehow though, the Grilled Cheese Truck inevitably found me months later and proved me wrong with its appetizing twists to the American childhood classic. 

To begin, my night took me to Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, which I highly recommend to anyone living or visiting area. With crowds of people, numerous art galleries, shopping, and of course food vendors, it is certainly a vivacious place to be. I came across an open lot solely dedicated to approximately 10-15 food trucks, yet none seemed appealing at the time. 

I continued down S. Main Street until I saw a crowd surrounding three other food trucks underneath the Pacific Electric Lofts at the entrance of the underground parking garage— among them is the famed Grilled Cheese Truck. After having heard so many positive rumors about the truck, I reluctantly got in line with a few eager friends. The line was not terrible that moment; the wait was only minutes as the queue moved quickly. Soon, it was my turn to choose. 

On the menu, there are six main items that range from $3-8 dollars: Plain and Simple Melt which gave four choices of cheese, Cheesy Mac Melt, Cheesy Mac and Rib Melt, Harvest Melt, Brie Melt, and Dessert Melt. Often times the truck has daily specials including the sandwich of my choice, the Monster Melt. Moreover, there is the opportunity to customize an order by adding in optional items provided on the menu. 

My name (of course I told workers it was sgv food dood) was called momentarily after I requested  a Monster Melt. The rectangular sandwich snugly fit into the provided metallic envelope. Hot and right off the grill, I finally could taste what people have been raving about. 

I opened the package and the first noticeable characteristic is the golden brown grill marks on the outer parts of the bread. The outer bread was crisp and buttery, yet the inner part remained fluffy and moist. In between was a sliced tomato perspiring with juices that added a nice juicy and organic touch. The bacon was crisp yet not overwhelmingly greasy, though a bit stiff. As one may guess, the cheeses were melted to a warm gooey perfection! It acted as a flawless adhesive containing all the fresh ingredients into one portable meal. 

Additionally the Cheesy Mac Melt was glorious. The large pieces of elbow macaroni with the saucy melted sharp cheddar simply cannot compare to Kraft EZ Mac. The buttery grilled bread complimented the mac and cheese with a toasty touch. According the Grilled Cheese Truck website, the Cheesy Mac became overwhelming popular at the 7th LA Grilled Cheese Invitational which led to the inspiration of the Grilled Cheese Truck’s beginning. I’m not surprised at its popularity because it is a genius idea to combine two comforting childhood favorites into one. 

Nonetheless my favorite was the Brie Melt that had double cream brie with sliced pears and honey. Speechless at first bite, this creamy yet mildly sweet sandwich was absolutely amazing. The melted brie acted as an impeccable center between the two pieces of masterfully grilled bread.

Suddenly I crave for Grilled Cheese Truck. Luckily, they will be close to my area tomorrow.  For those who would like to try, their location can be found on Twitter, Facebook, or website. With fleets of food trucks roaming in the Los Angeles area, it is no wonder why the Grilled Cheese Truck continues to endure and remain successful as one of the top favorites. 

It's worth a trip, trust. 

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  1. now that sounds like my kind of truck....I love grilled cheese....and they have some great choices...I am going to test the mac and cheese sandwich to put on my menu for school..my girls love grilled cheese!


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